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Healthy habits

by tamarajune
Healthy habits
Graphic iwith the text "want to eat healthier? Start with one of these healthy habits" written on it
  1. Eat one serving of fruit with your breakfast every day.
  2. Drink one smoothie every day that contains at least one serving of vegetables
  3. In the winter months supplement vitamin D, and during summer spend enough time outside to enable vitamin D production in the body.
  4. Check off everything on the daily dozen list
  5. Supplement at least 2500 µg vitamin B12 every week.
  6. Nourish your body without breaking the bank.
  7. Incorporate iron-rich foods into your meals daily and use strategies that increase iron absorption.
  8. Choose non-dairy milk alternatives for your coffee.
  9. Incorporate vitamin E rich foods into your diet regularly, ideally in combination with a healthy source of fat.
  10. Incorporate zinc-rich foods into your meals daily and use strategies that increase absorption
  11. Decide to make broccoli a regular part of your diet (f.e. at least 1-2x a week)
  12. Replace unhealthy snacks with nourishing and filling vegetable snacks.
  13. Make lentils a regular part of your diet (f.e. at least 2-3x a week)
  14. Regularly incorporate (at least a few of) the following 10 foods into your diet to boost your immune system
  15. Incorporate Nori flakes into one of your meals every day or take a kelp tablet
  16. Regularly incorporate high-fiber foods into your diet
  17. Regularly take these 5 supplements vegans need to make sure you meet the need of  nutrients that may be difficult to get otherwise
  18. Regularly get these 8 blood tests done to make sure you meet your nutritional needs
  19. Replace vegetable oil with healthier alternatives when you cook and bake
  20. Incorporate vitamin B2 rich foods into your diet and use cooking and storing methods that preserve the vitamin.
  21. Eat at least 5 servings of fruit every day.
  22. Regularly add calcium-rich foods into your meals and implement cooking methods that promote absorption
  23. Start using one of the healthier alternatives to popular vegan foods today. Once it has become a habit, feel free to start the next.
  24. Plan your vegan grocery list before you go shopping to save time and money as well as reduce food waste.
  25. Eat at least three servings of whole grains every day

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