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The benefits of drinking green smoothies + 5 must-try recipes

by tamarajune
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We all know that we could benefit from eating more veggies. However, going through with it can be a challenge. Maybe you even googled “tips for eating more vegetables” before ( I know I have). While there is lots of great (and also some not so great) advice out there, what I’ve found to be one of the best hacks is drinking your veggies. So, I’ve become a big fan of green smoothies because they allow you to sneak in a few servings, often without even tasting them. 

Thus, in this post, you’ll read about the benefits of vegetables and find out why drinking green smoothies is a great way to incorporate more of them into your diet. Moreover, you’ll learn about the equipment you need, how to make drinking green smoothies a habit, and discover some must-try recipes.

Let’s get started. 

Benefits of eating vegetables

A variety of green vegetables on a gray surface

Eating a diet high in vegetables impacts your health positively because veggies tend to be high in nutrients, yet low in calories and fat. Plus, they are cholesterol-free.

Eating plenty of veggies can reduce the risk of chronic diseases, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and cancer.

 Vegetables are particularly rich in: 

  • Fiber, which promotes healthy digestion, aids in weight control and keeps you full longer. 
  • Potassium, which helps regulate blood pressure and supports kidney and heart health. 
  • Folic acid, which helps prevent DNA changes and is essential for producing new cells. 
  • Vitamin A, which promotes eye health and strengthens the immune system. 
  • Vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant and helps reduce inflammation. 
  • Phytochemicals, which have a variety of health benefits, such as reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

Summary: [su_highlight]Eating a vegetable-rich diet can increase overall well-being and health while reducing the risk of chronic diseases. Vegetables tend to be high in nutrients while being low in calories and fat. Plus, they are cholesterol-free. Among others, they are a good source of fiber, potassium, folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin C, and phytochemicals.[/su_highlight]

The case for drinking green smoothies to increase your vegetable intake: 

A green smoothie in a large jar on a wooden surface

Smoothies great because you get a couple of servings of vegetables (and fruit!) in one glass. Drinking that is a lot easier than eating all these veggies (and fruits) individually. Plus, depending on the recipe, you may not even taste the vegetables at all. 

Further, smoothies are easy and quick to prepare, so no excuses ;).

In addition, green smoothies are a great way to incorporate a wide variety of fresh veggies into your diet that you may have a hard time eating otherwise. Good examples are beets, celery, spinach, and kale. 

Sure, drinking your veggies does not give you the same taste experience as actually eating them, but that is not always a bad thing.

Replacing all your meals with smoothies is probably not a good idea. However, incorporating them into your diet can be an easy and tasty way to add more veggies to your diet. 

To get the most health benefits from drinking green smoothies, I recommend preparing them freshly instead of buying pre-made ones at the store. These often have additives that you may want to avoid, are overpriced, and may have fewer nutrients.

Nevertheless, you need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages for yourself and go with the option that is most feasible for you. Drinking smoothies you buy at the store is better than not consuming any fruits and veggies at all. Another, but often expensive, alternative is going to a place that prepares fresh smoothies. 

Summary:[su_highlight] Green smoothies are great for increasing your intake of veggies because drinking them can be a lot easier than eating them. Often, you don’t even taste the vegetables, which can, depending on the veggie, be a considerable advantage. Moreover, smoothies are quick and easy to prepare. Still, smoothies shouldn’t replace all your meals. To get the most benefits, choose freshly made smoothies over buying pre-packed ones.[/su_highlight]  

What equipment do you need to prepare green smoothies

An example of a blender that is used to make green smoothies

To make smoothies, you’ll need a blender. If you already own one, stick with it for now (unless you really want to buy a new product and have the budget to do so). Once you made drinking green smoothies a habit, you can always decide to invest in a new piece of equipment. Then, you’ll have a better idea of what features are most useful to you. 

If you need a blender or are looking for a new one, invest some time researching because there is an overwhelming number of options, and the price range is enormous. Therefore, finding the right one to fit your needs (and budget) can be difficult. 

Here are some resources to get you started:

Summary: [su_highlight]To make green smoothies, you need a blender. If possible, use one you already own. Before you buy a new one, do a lot of research and think about what features are most important to you vs. “nice to have.” [/su_highlight]

How to make drinking green smoothies a habit

Two green smoothies in large jars with green leafy vegetables in the background
  • On Sunday, prep and freeze your smoothies for the week. To do so, gather all the ingredients you need for the smoothies and wash and precut them. Then get a reusable Ziploc-kind-of-bag and put all the ingredients you need for one smoothie into it. Then, repeat until you have all the smoothies prepped. This way, when you are ready to drink your smoothie, all you need to do is take one serving out, throw it in the blender, add some water or plant-milk, and you are good to go.  
  • Always drink your smoothie around the same time every day. I like to drink my green smoothie in the morning, but you can also drink it post-workout, as an afternoon snack or whatever fits your need. By doing this concurrently every day, you’ll get used to it sooner, and it becomes a habit quicker. 

Summary: [su_highlight]To make drinking green smoothies a routine, drink them at the same time every day. Moreover, meal-prepping your smoothies makes it easier to stick with the habit as well as saves time and money.[/su_highlight]  

5 amazing green smoothie recipes

Here are some of my favorite green smoothie recipes you have to try!


Infographic summarizing the benefits of drinking green smoothies  and offers tips for how to incorporate more of them into your diet

Have you tried a green smoothie before? Was your experience 😍 or 😟?

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