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A messy kitchen and the smell of freshly baked cookies filling up your home is a surefire way to know that Christmas is around the corner.

Although Christmas isn’t the same as it was as a child, there’s something about baking cookies with Christmas music in the background that always gets me into the Christmas spirit.

Yes, making homemade vegan Christmas cookies is a lot of work, but isn’t it just so worth it? 

I’d say so. 

Moreover, you can invite family and friends over to bake with you, and you’ll have such a good time. 

Since baking cookies is one of my favorite things about Christmas, you can imagine how worried I was my first year as a vegan.

Questions like “Will I miss my old favorite cookies? “Will I be able to find vegan recipes that I like and that my family likes as well?

“What will Christmas be like without my traditional cookies?” ran through my head.

But luckily, after doing a bit of research, I soon learned that it is actually relatively easy to veganize most cookie recipes.

With some, it’s a bit of trial and error, but most of the recipes only require a few substitutes, and they turned out just as good (or even better). 

During my research, I also discovered some super yummy vegan Christmas cookie recipes that I just had to try.

And once I did, many became new favorites that I now make every year. 

Then I started collecting all my new favorites and old veganized favorites to create the ultimate vegan Christmas cookie list.

And because I don’t want you to miss out on all the deliciousness, I’m now thrilled to share this list with you. 😃

So whether you are a new vegan wondering if you can still enjoy Christmas cookies (like I did) or a seasoned vegan just looking for some fantastic recipes, you’ve come to the right place. 

As mentioned before, the vegan Christmas cookies in this post are my ALL-TIME FAVORITES.

Each recipe is so good you forget all about caring, whether it’s healthy or not.

Moreover, all these cookies are super popular with non-vegans as well, so don’t be afraid to share. 😉

Alright, let’s go. 

Vegan chocolate hazelnut cookies

Vegan chocoalte hazelnut cookies on a white plate as an example of some of the best vegan christmas cookies

So, we are starting off this list with seriously one of the BEST vegan chocolate cookie recipes I have ever made. I mean it; they are a dream come true. 

Don’t believe me? Well, I guess you’ll have to try them. 

Not sold yet? Maybe it’s because I haven’t told you about how healthy they are! They are made entirely from whole foods as well as gluten-free. 

Extremely delicious and healthy? It doesn’t get much better than this. 

Oh, wait, it does. These cookies are super easy to make, and you only need a few ingredients. So, ready to make them? 

Grab the recipe here.

Vegan peanut butter cookies

Vegan peanut butter cookies on a white plate as an example of some of the best vegan christmas cookies

If you didn’t know already, I’m obsessed with peanut butter. It was love at first bite when I was sixteen, and I’ve been in love ever since. 

So, naturally, vegan peanut butter cookies are something I have to make every Christmas.

I’ve tried various recipes over the years, but this is my favorite one. The cookies have a great crunch, are very easy to make, and burst with flavor. 

But a word of warning: These cookies are highly addictive, so I recommend making double or triple the amount you think you’ll need 😁.

Grab the recipe here.

Vegan vanilla crescent cookies 

Vegan vanilla crescent cookies as an example of some of the best vegan christmas cookies

Vanilla crescent cookies have been a Christmas staple in my family for as long as I can remember.

With their sugary-vanilla crunch and unique shape, they are one of my all-time favorite Christmas cookies. 

So, you can imagine how happy I am that I can still enjoy these super yummy cookies even though I am vegan. 

Veganizing this recipe was actually relatively easy because our family recipe for these cookies is almost vegan.

All I had to do is replace the butter with vegan butter, and that’s it. How cool is that?

As amazing as these cookies are, I must admit that they are time-intensive to make. It’s not preparing the dough that requires a lot of time but shaping the dough into crescent shapes. 

However, I don’t mind because I see the process as part of the tradition. Plus, the deliciousness of the cookies is so worth it too. 

Grab the recipe here.

Vegan Linzer cookies

Vegan Linzer cookies filled with red jam

If you’ve never had Linzer cookies, you absolutely must make them this year. These are another one of my old favorites that I was able to find a veganized recipe for. 

What makes these cookies so special is their red jam filling, which not only makes them look gorgeous but also incredibly delicious. 

I always use strawberry jam, but you can use any red jam you like. 

Although these cookies are relatively simplistic, they are full of flavor and always popular with friends and family.

Grab the recipe here.

Coconut no-bake cookies

Vegan coconut no-bake cookies as an example of some of the best vegan christmas cookies

I only discovered these cookies after I went vegan, but they made it to the top of my favorites charts right away and have stayed there ever since.

While I love and recommend all the cookies in this post, these are my absolute favorite.

They are a mix of chocolate, peanut butter, and coconut. WHAT? It’s the perfect combination! Every bite is like a piece of heaven. 

I always make a huge batch, but it is never enough. 😅

Besides the fantastic flavor, I also love these cookies because they are no-bake cookies, which means you can make them while other delicious cookies are baking in the oven. 

But these cookies do have a small potential downside: once made, they don’t last that long, and you need to store them in the fridge.

So, your options are either eating them within a few days (which is easy to do) or freezing them and taking them out as needed. 

Grab the recipe here.

Vegan gingerbread people

Many vegan gingerbread people on a white background

Making gingerbread people is a Christmas tradition in many homes around the world, and I get why. They are fun, cute, and decorative.

Because the dough can be quite tricky to make and manage, more and more people choose ready-made dough or simply purchase already finished gingerbread people.

I absolutely get that, and I probably would pick up ready-made dough as well if there were a vegan one available. But until there is, I have to make my own. 

Luckily, I found a recipe that is fairly easy to make, as well as delicious. 

The gingerbread people turn out firm on the outside and soft inside, which is the perfect combination if you ask me. 

Grab the recipe here.

Vegan rocher balls

Okay, technically, these are not cookies, but I do treat and count them as such when I serve them during Christmas, and they are always a huge success. 

Most people who like chocolate love the Ferrero Rocher balls you can get in-store, so this veganized version (which tastes remarkably similar) always enjoys great popularity.

If you’ve never tried them, they could be best described as the perfect combination of chocolate and nuts with a bit of crunch, so yum! 

To make them, you only need a couple ingredients, which is really nice.

Moreover, this is another no-bake recipe, so you can make them when you want to give your oven a little break or while other cookies are baking in the oven. 

If you decide to make this recipe, I recommend you scale up because you will definitely need more than just 14 of these delightful little balls. 

Grab the recipe here.

Vegan snowball coconut cookies 

Vegan snowball coconut cookies in a cookie container

These cookies are every coconut lover’s dream and so easy to make.

Not only are they incredibly delicious, but the unique fluffy and tender texture sets them apart as well. For me, there is no Christmas without these cookies. 

 So, if you’re into coconut, I highly recommend you try these out!

And when you do, make sure you use unsweetened coconut flakes; otherwise, your cookies will be way too sweet. But aside from that, the recipe is pretty fool-proof.

Grab it here.

Vegan snickerdoodle

Vegan snickerdoodle cookies on a red napkin

Okay, I promise that the fact that these cookies make the whole kitchen smell incredible isn’t the only reason I make them every year.

They are actually super yummy and when you bite into them, it’s like biting into a cloud. They are so soft and fluffy. 

A minor adaptation I always make to this recipe is that use Ceylon cinnamon instead of regular cinnamon.

Ceylon cinnamon is healthier (in the sense that it’s not harmful if you consume larger quantities of it) and also has a richer, deeper flavor that makes this recipe even more dreamy. 

Grab the recipe here.

Vegan thin mints 

Vegan thin mint cookies on a white plate

Thin mints may not be what you expect during the Christmas season, but it’s fun to go against the grid a little bit and surprise your taste buds (or guest) with some delicious minty goodness.

The cookies themselves are super crisp, and the minty chocolate coating just takes them to another level. They are another one of my favorites and always a big success.

Also, the recipe is quick and easy to make, which is another plus point. 

Grab the recipe here

Alright, I’m sure you discovered some amazing vegan Christmas cookie recipe ideas in this post. Let me know which one you decide to try 🙂 

Are you still wondering about what to make for Christmas dinner? Get inspired with these vegan Christmas dinner recipe ideas (even non-vegans love them!).

Talk soon! 

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